Positive Feelings Towards Home ownership on the Rise

Positive Feelings Towards Home ownership on the Rise

The House price as well as the demand for purchasing of house is rising day by day. This year seems to be flying by and has been fueled by a very active market. The Real estate deals in Delhi NCR and other Cities are reporting fantastic sales numbers for the year to date, Cosmic structures limited also doing excellent sale and many new projects are listing soon in Delhi NCR regions.

While Prices are still on the rise and some continue to forecast an  upward trend, others are predicting that prices will begin to level off as interest rates have begun to creep up. However, even as the price are changing, the overall sentiment towards home ownership remains positive. A recent survey shows that 7 in 10 Delhities  believe that purchasing a home is a good choice. It also reported that  the purchasing demand of Delhi NCR Real estate especially Residential flat is high in demand.

The Realtor’s Association has reported that while the house price as well as the demand of purchasing of house has shown a positive impact on the overall market. We expect prices to continue to rise but they may not escalate at the same speed and will return to normal levels very soon. This can be a very good time to purchase a Home at Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon or overly in Delhi NCR.

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